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It is easy to let all those small projects pile up around the home. You think you will get to them later, but that time never comes! Whether from a lack of time or ability, the projects continue to grow until they feel like a weight on your shoulders. Worse yet, neglect in completing some of these projects can begin to impact your home's value and enjoyment you find in your home. We can help! 


Why choose Purdy Handyman Services for your home and property repairs?

In selecting a handyman, have you thought of how comfortable it would be to have a reliable and skillful person who you trust with your property repairs and improvements? A person who seeks a long term professional relationship, not just to perform a quick fix, take your money and run? One whom you can confidently refer to your family and friends because they have proven themselves faithful?

A handyman that has these qualities not only saves you time and stress, but can also be considered a long-term investment in your property. As your handyman, I can promise you that I will diligently work towards these goals, commit to making you feel at ease and helping to create a home where you can truly relax.



Painting, repairing a kitchen faucet, fixing that broken door, replacing rotted deck steps or railing, installing a ceiling fan, building a set of shelves for that closet or basement, etc.

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Call or email us and we will promptly reply. We care about you and want your home to be a place where you can relax and be comfortable. We can take care of those projects! 

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